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weather station

Personal projects

The home of Oww, ThermIIC and other projects.

Project pagesOww 1-wire weather station, ThermIIC I²C thermometry, and other projects for RISC OS and Linux

Current work
RF Engineer
University of Manchester
I am working on various CMB radio telescope projects at the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics.
CloverThe Cl ObserVER
   This was a colaboration between groups at Cambridge, Oxford, Cardiff and Manchester ? until STFC pulled the plug on it. We were responsible for the 97-GHz instrument.
QuijoteFormerly TIGA – ThIrty Gigaherz Array
C-BASSC-Band All Sky Survey

I am currently open to offers of employment. Please see my mini CV.

Previous work
Cardiff University

Cardiff University

Simon at the South Pole
Me at the South Pole
Astronomy Instrumentation Group,
School of Physics and Astronomy, Cardiff University
QUaD (a.k.a. QUEST) project polarimeter
Clover project CMB polarimeter

CMB links
OSO Onsala Space Observatory (OSO), near Gothenburg, Sweden.
GARD home GARD develop receiver technology for use by OSO at its various telescopes, and for other projects. I worked here for a short while on a mm-wave beam measurement system for the FIRST satellite.
JB home Jodrell Bank Observatory , the home of the Lovell Telescope, is a part of the University of Manchester . JBO is located near Macclesfield , Cheshire, UK.
CMB home My previous research work at JBO was within the CMB group, building and running telescopes to probe the cooled remnant of photons from the Big Bang. “My” main telescopes were: See also my CMB links page.

weather station

South Pole Diaries

My trips to the South Pole.

En route


The Welsh Highland Railway.

The WHR and my involvement with it.

Rail mover


Amateur Radio Station G4TJC

My Ham Radio Activities

Icom CI-V Interface