Ham Radio Station G4TJC

In these pages I will describe my amateur radio activities.

If you have worked G4TJC please QSL. I use Logbook of the World and EQSL. Just as soon as I've come up with a new design I'll get some cards printed too.

Recently I have been active on HF (80m — 10m). Right now I don't have any antennas up for VHF or UHF.

Icom CI-V computer interface
USB to CI-V with open-collector drive
Gear for sale
I have some radio items I'd like to sell to fund new projects.
Read about my contest entries
G4TJC Blog
My radio blog


G4TJC APRS Weather Report:

GW4TJC APRS Weather Report:

G4TJC current Temperature GW4TJC current Temperature
G4TJC current Pressure GW4TJC current Pressure
Ignore humidity / dew point — no sensor running

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