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Here are some radio items I have that I am hoping to sell

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Trio (Kenwood) TS-520

I was sold this Trio hybrid in 1990 by a fellow student. He told me he had recently replaced the final valves. Since then it has been unused until this summer, when I finally put up an HF antenna and gave it a spin around the bands. It has been stored at the back of a cupboard in the lounge, so nice and dry. I found the band selector switch a bit troublesome, but a spray of contact cleaner has done it a world of good.

As can be seen in the pictures the paintwork looks slightly tired, but inside it is very clean. I don't think this has been messed with. I'm going to let it go for £150. I hope it will find a new home with a fan of the Trio/Kenwood hybrids.

It's pretty heavy. I suppose it could be shipped, but to do it properly (maybe foam it into the box) would be pretty pricey. So you can collect from Glossop or Gwynedd (I'm there at alternate weekends usually), or I can deliver to points in between, for a small extra fee.

The radio comes with an original manual — a bit scruffy though — and a mains lead. No microphone is included. There is a small cover missing from the side panel.

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